The technology is already wide spread in many industries and is increasingly used in mass production applications.

Pioneers in mass production are Rolls Royce, a leading manufacturer of aircraft engines, CAT, a very renowned manufacturer of gas engines, and Augusta Westlands, one of the market leaders in the production of helicopters. There are other engineering companies including the construction industries which have identified the mass production for “sensor bolts”. The major aircraft manufacturers are currently involved in the introduction of this technology into mass production.

The automotive industry, both large manufacturers and suppliers such as gear box manufacturers use the permanent sensors on their bolts for test rigs and in prototype manufacturing. The same applies to the aerospace industry, where each technology has to go through verification in laboratories and fatigue test rigs before approval for mass production.

The latest large scale application with Data Matrix technology coded “sensor bolts” is a safety related multi-bolt jointed connection in the load path of a wind turbine generator. By using the ultrasonic controlled tightening process with detailed documentation of the assembly result, the power output of the turbine could be increased without any design change of this bolted joint connection.