SCMP Single Channel Measurement Program

The Intellifast SCMP (Singe Channel Measurement Program) is a program to measure load in a bolted assembly of one channel using ultrasonic technology. The focus of the program is to acquire single measurements in a manner of gapless data storage to back trace the measurement results at any time.
It supports different sensor types like the Intellifast Permanent-Sensor, glue-on piezo and handheld transducers.

Key Features
– Single channel measurements
– Optimized for touch screen
– Multi-lingual (English, German)
– Real time display of the ultrasonic signals up to 10 Hz
– Supports several measurement modes and options
o Reference and load measurements
o Time triggered auto save
o Auto increase of the bolt number
– Data base measurement storage with a simple way to visualize the measurement data (Echo signals; time of flight; temperature; load values; load history of a bolt)
– User management with a fine graduated access control list configuration
– Export methods of the measurement data in the PDF or CSV file format
– Extendable by peripheral devises
o Barcode Reader (to identify a bolt)
o E-Torc II / A wrench (rotation angle and torque measurements; tightening diagram)
o Hydraulic Pump (load controlled tightening)
o Industrial Analog Out interface (protocol and surveillance by external tools) [* In development]
Needed Hardware
– Intellifast LP Touch or Intellifast SCMU (Single Channel Measurement Unit)
– Coaxial Signal Cable
– Pt100 Temperature Sensor with cable
System Requirements
– Windows 7/8/10
– PC/Laptop with Intel i3 2.0 GHz CPU, 2Gb RAM, 100Mbit Ethernet

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