The Permanent Mounted Transducer System (PMTS) ultrasonically measures the fastener pre-load. It is used in batch or mass production as well as in maintenance and for through life service and condition monitoring.

To measure bolt pre-load the ultrasonic sensor generates an energy pulse on the bolt head. This pulse travels through the bolt and is reflected at the end. The ultrasonic measurement technology calculates the pre-load based on the difference in the travelling time of the echo between the unloaded and loaded conditions.

The accuracy of the ultrasound monitored assembly process allows a significant reduction in safety factors required by the tightening code when sizing bolts for torque controlled tightening. In addition to design optimisation reducing weight and operation savings, the PMTS reduces maintenance and inspection costs in periodic reporting and documentation of bolted joints.

Together with our customers, public institutions and universities we are constantly further developing our sensors and our measurement technology. We willingly adapt to specific customer requirements and continually expand our product range. On customer request we accompany measurement campaigns or perform measurements on their products. We also train our clients in the use of our measurement technology accessories.

The permanently mounted durable thin-film transducerMethod for measuring